• Poached egg
    CHF 21.00
    with fried king oyster mushrooms, chicory and pecorino
  • Cheesecake with smoked salmon
    CHF 21.00
    and pickled cucumber, apple cream and dill
  • Tuna sashimi
    CHF 23.00
    with sesame crust, peach sauce, avocado, cucumber and radish
  • San Gian Winter Salad (V)
    CHF 14.00
    salad, warm tomatoes, sautéed artichockes, marinated mushrooms, green apple, walnuts | additional: raw Parma ham (+7.-); homemade ricotta (+5.-); as main course (+7.-)
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  • Pea Curry Cappuccino
    CHF 16.00
    with fried shrimps and sesame
  • Classic Grison’s barley soup (V)
    CHF 13.00
    with bacon or vegetarian with porcini mushrooms
  • Saffron cream soup (V)
    CHF 17.00
    with scallops and kefen
  • Soup of the day
    CHF 12.00
    Please ask our staff for more information.
  • Porcino risotto (V)
    CHF 29.00
    flavoured with cubeb pepper
  • Beetroot gnocchi (V)
    CHF 27.00
    with mushrooms, peas and date tomatoes on pecorino cream
  • Tagliatelle al Ragù
    CHF 29.00
    Swiss organic beef ragù cooked for 24 hours with love
  • Tagliolini Neri
    CHF 38.00
    with Gambero Rosso di Mazara, yellow date tomatoes and basil
  • Chestnut ravioli (V)
    CHF 29.00
    stuffed with goat cheese and arugula; served with tomato sauce, herb oil and roasted hazelnuts
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  • Cod fillet with local raw ham
    CHF 36.00
    with seasonal vegetables, roasted potatoes, vermouth beurre blanc
  • Sea bream fillet with thyme
    CHF 38.00
    accompanied with cream of cauliflower, mashed potatoes, crispy parmesan cheese and passion fruit
  • Turbot fillet
    CHF 43.00
    with Trevigiano Rosso cooked at a low temparature, chicory cartoccio and a celery sauce with orange and tarragon
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  • Chicken frikassee
    CHF 34.00
    reinterpreted with fregola sarda tostata and chervil oil
  • Fried chicken breast
    CHF 32.00
    stuffed with spinach pesto and served with winter salad
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  • Tagliatelle al Ragù (large portion)
    CHF 32.00
    homemade with organic Engadine beef sauce, cooked for hours with love
  • Roasted organic liver
    CHF 26.00
    with port wine gorgonzola sauce, broccoli and apple risotto
  • Swiss pasture beef burger
    CHF 28.00
    with grilled peppers, BBQ sauce, miso pointed cabbage, cucumber and apple | additional: French fries (+6.-)
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  • Roe deer fillet
    CHF 54.00
    with porcini mushroom sauce, chestnut gnocchi and pear and thyme chutney
  • Tagliata from Engadine beef
    CHF 71.00
    served with smoked potato cream, ratatouille tartelettes, burrata flakes, pistacchio grains and basil lemon butter
  • Fillet
    CHF 38.00
    with rhubarb sauce, stewed savoy cabbage and apple risotto
  • Wiener schnitzel
    CHF 34.00
    with French fries, herb dip and cranberry jam
  • Rösti
    CHF 26.00
    Swiss hash brown with Albula fried egg, crispy bacon and caramelized red onion
  • For little mountaineers
    CHF 15.00
    Fruity tomato risotto mountain, basil path and snow fields
  • For little cheese lovers
    CHF 15.00
    Beetroot gnocchi with tomato and cream cheese balls
  • For little pirates
    CHF 15.00
    Spaghetti, red sea, Vienna sausage
  • For little meat lovers
    CHF 21.00
    Cutlet with French fries
  • Lukewarm broccoli salad (V)
    CHF 23.00
    served in shiitake broth, flavoured with Szechuan pepper and lemon
  • Vegan Thai-Bolognese (V)
    CHF 29.00
    rice pasta, roasted peanuts and herbs
  • Melanzana (V)
    CHF 21.00
    with pumpkin-coconut sauce, fresh vegetables and Thai basil; served with black rice
  • Chocolate fondue (minimum 2 persons)
    CHF 19.00
    with seasonal fruit
  • Millefoglie with berries
    CHF 16.00
    with vanilla cream, crunchy peanuts and pistachios
  • Crêpe Suzette
    CHF 21.00
  • Crema catalana
    CHF 16.00
  • Delicate pistachio heart
    CHF 22.00
  • Symphony of citrus fruits with vanilla aroma
    CHF 16.00
  • Swiss cheese plate
    CHF 18.00
    served with pear bread and mountain cranberry jam
  • Ice cream ball
    CHF 4.50
    stracciatella, strawberry, chocolate, vanilla, hazelnut, amaretto, pistachio, mocca, fior di latte
  • Sorbet ball
    CHF 4.50
    lemon, blood orange, mango, raspberry, passion fruit
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Beef: Switzerland
Pork: Switzerland
Chicken: Switzerland
Roe deer: Europe
Shrimp: Vietnam
Salmon: Norway
Mussel: Pazcifik
Cod: North Sea
Sea bream: Croatia
Turbot: France

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